Eco-innovative services and devices in your production process

We create complete technological solutions in industrial metalworking.

For NETECS, eco-development with eco-innovative devices in the production process is not just limited to new products, but also includes appropriate processes that provide value for the customer and at the same time significantly lowering the negative impact on the environment.

Our services

Netecs uses innovative CNC metal processing methods to undertake burning, cutting and bending on its press brakes for black steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Laser cutting

We provide services related to laser cutting any shapes of black steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant (Hardox) steel and aluminium.

Bending on a press brake

Bending is a process of sheet shaping. Press brakes are used to shape sheets with a punch pressing to a matrix.

Turret press punching

One of the basic services provided by NETECS is sheet press punching with a turret press manufactured by Rainer.

Awards and Distinctions

Netecs, owing to significant investments in the development of the company, modernity and innovativeness of its technical and technological solutions used in its services and products, has been awarded numerous times. We have also won numerous competitions and popularity contests, evaluating the level of our services and reliability towards our contractors. One of our goals is to ensure the satisfaction of our employees. We create good and stable work and pay conditions for both current and new employees. However, the confidence our partners have in us has the greatest value. This is proven by the continuous progress and development of the company. We are very proud of this, and would like to express our sincere gratitude!

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Gazela biznesu 2014
Srebrny Laur Umijętności i Kompetencji
Opolska nagroda jakości 2017

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