Bending on a press brake

Bending is a process of sheet shaping. Press brakes are used to shape sheets with a punch pressing to a matrix. By means of using a press brake, commonly referred to as a folder, it is possible to bend sheets at any angle.

In order to address the needs and expectations of our customers, we fulfil orders both of a single and serial nature. All the cost assessments related to laser cutting, press punching and bending of sheets are performed individually, taking into account the length and thickness of the material. This allows us to precisely estimate the duration of the sheet processing.

Our speciality is high quality bent elements for different sectors of industry. With a qualified team of employees, with the skills and competences necessary to handle such technologically advanced machines as press brakes, we are able to process sheets into highly complex shapes.

Advantages of our sheet bending services:

– bending complex shapes,

– guaranteed 100% repeatability of element folding, even when manufacturing large batches,

– speed and timeliness of the performed orders,

– wide range of services due to the extent of our available tooling,

– full production process control,

– extensive production facility, ensuring continuity of production, regardless of the complexity of the orders or the number of other orders,

– experience of the operators, combined with constant engineer’s care and application of modern software and digital control, achieving high precision and swift turnaround of orders.

We prepare cost assessments based on technical documentation in the .dxf or the .dwg format.


modern Trumpf TruBend 5170 press brake

This is one of the most innovative presses by Trumpf. Its total load force is 1700 kN, with a bending length of L=3230 mm. It achieves high accuracy and precision in bending sheets with thicknesses up to s=6 mm. The speed of the machine accelerates the fulfilment of orders, especially for large batches.

Trumpf TrumaBend S 300-35 press brake

This is an efficient press brake with both high bending accuracy and precision.

This press brake has a load force of 3000 kN, allowing us to bend shapes from different kinds of steel of lengths up to l=3550 mm and thicknesses up to s=10 mm.

GWF press brake

This press brake has a maximum load force of 2000 kN, allowing us to bend shapes out of different kinds of steel of lengths up to l=3000 mm and thicknesses depending on the material:

– S235 steel up to s=10 mm,

– S355 steel up to s=8 mm,

– aluminium up to s=10 mm,

– stainless steel up to s=8 mm.