Dust fans

Dust fans are intended for pumping mixtures of air and particles. They are most often used in dust extraction systems, to transport air and particle mixtures with an approximate density of up to 50 g/m3.

Dust fans have been designed to allow many years of failure-free operation. The manufacturing process of rotors utilise steel with increased resistance to bending, with significant thickness to prevent deformation of the rotor blades, which could increase the wear of the engine bearings.




They are suitable for the transport of air and particle mixtures so that the transported material does not adhere to the rotor in a way that disturbs the operation of the fan. The construction of the fans, regardless of their method of dust transport, allows the maintaining of high performance. The efficiency of such fans can reach up to 86%, depending on the model.

Owing to the high efficiencies, these fans can easily be used as replacements for clean air fans, or in locations with a risk of insufficient air filtering of the dust extraction system.




The fan types available in the NETECS product range are:

- UL-VS (rated speed ~1500 min-1),

- US-VS (rated speed ~3000 min-1).

All the dust fans are designed as vertical fans, with a classic construction, and they are suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors.




Fan UL-VS 55kW - 1
Fan UL-VS 55kW - 2
Fan UL-VS 55kW - 3