Fans for explosion hazard zones

NETECS fans are available in the ATEX version, which means they are suitable for operation in explosion hazard zones. Our company currently manufactures fans for the following zones: 21 and 22 (hazard type “D” – combustible dusts).

All the horizontal clean air fans can be manufactured in the ATEX option for zones 21 and 22, if the explosion hazard zone is present inside and outside the fan.



Vertical clean air fans, dust fans and transport fans can also be manufactured for zones 21 and 22, if the explosion hazard zone is present both inside and outside of the fan.

All the ATEX option fans are manufactured in accordance
with Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and they are constructed on the basis of the PN-EN 14986:2017-02 standard “Design of fans working in potentially explosive atmospheres”.



Due to the specificity of the branches of industry in which NETECS products are most often used, ATEX version fans use a simple copper seal between the motor shaft and the fan housing as standard. The higher the fan resistance at the intake in comparison to the resistance at the outlet, the better its performance. This is possible with the application of more precise, labyrinth seals, or the most effective labyrinth seals with blow through (a supply of compressed air is required in this case). These solutions have to be determined on an individual basis, as the use of such seals affects the price of fans, especially in the case of small fans, for which it can make up for a significant percentage of the price of the entire product.

Fan UL-VS - Atex - 1
Fan UL-VS - Atex - 2