Chamber locks

Chamber locks are used to transport materials between two separate devices, such as filters, cyclone dust extractors or silos. In this case they play the role of revolving locks.

The chamber locks offered by NETECS are characterised by a variety of parameters. Their construction is modular and they are available with different lengths and rotor speeds (performances).

The rotors are fitted with rubber blades, which ensure effective separation between the inlet and the outlet. The body is made of carbon steel sheets or, if requested by the customer, of another type of steel. The rotor is embedded on bearing mountings.

Speed reducers from verified producers, which are used in the locks manufactured by NETECS, are flange mounted to the body, or mounted by means of a suspension arm.

If requested by the customer, it is possible to use a speed reducer from a different producer.

The chamber locks are fitted with an 8-beam rotor, with blades made of S235 sheet with a thickness, s=4.0 mm. Sealing of the connection between the rotor and the housing is provided by sealing tape.

Standard chamber locks are made of black steel, but it is also possible to make the locks of stainless or galvanised steel. The standard locks are available in RAL 5015. If a different colour is required, it has to be specified in the order.

It is also possible to make a chamber lock that includes a protective system according to the ATEX definition. Such a lock has a certificate issued by a special certification body.

The following link can be used to find the catalogue with the parameters of the selected chamber locks.


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