Wood industry

 The wood industry is a branch of industry that produces a lot of waste, including sawdust and shavings, that offer many opportunities for reuse. To achieve this purpose, suitable devices need to be selected.

Actually, most of the devices offered by Netecs find use in this industry. Owing to the high-performance fans with efficiencies of up to 86-88% and transport fans with self-cleaning rotors made of special steel, we achieve reliability, long-term operation and energy savings.

This branch also widely uses TSN and TSF screw conveyors, as well as chamber locks, discharge scrapers and cyclones.

Examples of typical uses in this industry can be found in the “Implementations” tab.

US-FHN 18.5 kW fan
System with a set of conveyors and material storing containers_1
System with a set of conveyors and material storing containers_2
System with a cyclone, a structure, screw conveyors and containers photo 1 copy