Pulp and paper industry

The pulp and paper industry is also related to that of the production of pulp, paper and cardboard.

Due to the source of the raw material, it can be included in the wood industry, so much of the equipment offered by Netecs finds use in this industry as well. In this case successful applications include high-performance fans with efficiencies of up to 86-88%, US-FHN or US-SFN type used on the clean side, US-VS, UL-VS fans for dust transport, as well as transport fans with a special rotor design to prevent settling of the waste material on the rotor. Owing to the self-cleaning rotor made from special steel, we achieve both reliability and long-term operation of the fan.

We would especially like to recommend PS-TN and PL-TN fans for paper and cardboard. A special system of knives mounted on the rotor reduces the input materials to much smaller dimensions.

The pulp and paper industry also widely uses restrictors, chamber locks, conveyors, cyclones and designs manufactured to meet specific customer needs.

Examples of typical uses in this industry can be found in the “Implementations” tab.

PS-TN cutting fan, damped, installed on a console
Structure for the separator