Plastics industry


Plastics consist of synthetic polymers or modified natural polymers. In this and other industries, a clean work environment is a very important factor. Due to the small share of plastic elements and materials from recycling, with an appropriate filter, successful uses include high-performance US-FHN and US-SFN fans with efficiencies of up to 86-88% operating on the clean side, US-VS and UL-VS fans for dust transport, as well as the TS or L group transport fans. Owing to the self-cleaning rotors made from special steel, we achieve both reliability and long-term operation of the fan.

This industry also widely uses restrictors, chamber locks, conveyors, cyclones and designs manufactured to suit specific customer needs.

Special containers with a conveyor for storing waste material also attracts much interest.

Examples of typical uses in this industry can be found in the “Implementations” tab.

L-EN 45 kW GL315 fan
Container with a conveyor, a fill level sensor and a pressure relief vent