Textile industry


The textile industry is a light industry which processes raw materials into unwoven, woven and knitted fabrics.

The products offered by Netecs for the wood industry also find uses in this industry. During production we deal with a lot of waste material in the form of dust or other residues left in the course of manufacturing of the finished product.
Successful uses in this case include high-performance fans with efficiencies of up to 86-88% operating on the clean side, as well as transport fans with special rotor designs to prevent the settling of the waste material on the rotor. Owing to the self-cleaning rotor made from special steel, we achieve both reliability and long-term operation of the fan.

Also widely used in this industry are cyclones and other constructions manufactured in accordance with the customer's needs.

Examples of typical uses in this industry can be found in the “Implementations” tab.

NZ2 cyclone with a sensor and an inspection hatch
S fan
US-SFN 22 kW fan with a special cover on the motor and an inspection hatch