Glass and mineral wool

Materials such as glass or mineral wool can be included in a single branch of industry, the mineral industry. It mainly processes rock raw materials, and its most important products include construction materials.

This industry finds particularly useful the high-performance US-FHN and US-SFN fans with efficiencies of up to 86-88% operating on the clean side, owing to which the customers save significant amounts of energy in comparison to fans with lower efficiencies.

TS and L group transport fans are also used. Owing to their rotors, made of special, wear-resistant steel, we achieve both reliability and long-term operation of the fan. Fan housings lined with additional, interchangeable jackets, enables their replacement and avoidance of down-times during the production process.

This industry also widely uses restrictors, chamber locks, conveyors, cyclones and designs manufactured to suit specific customer needs. All these devices are made of special, wear-resistant steel, which extends their life.

Examples of typical uses in this industry can be found in the “Implementations” tab.

L-EN 45 kW fan with an inspection hatch
Screw conveyor d=400 mm