NETECS has almost ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of centrifugal fans used in dust extraction systems:

  • in the timber industry, including explosion hazard zones,
  • in waste processing plant, other waste than hazardous and inert waste (“municipal solid waste”) and inert waste,
  • in other places associated with waste management in general.

The intense development of the company inclines us to extend our range of products to include fan types suitable for use in new industries.

The product range of NETECS includes low, medium and high pressure fans used to pump:

  • clean air,
  • dusty air (or similar fractions),
  • mixed air and solid fractions (conveyors).

The parameters of the fans are:

  • total pressure of 20,000 Pa,
  • flow rate of 90,000 m3/h,
  • installed capacity of 160 kW.

More detailed data is available in the descriptions of the particular types of fans:

All the characteristics of the fans included in the product range of NETECS are measured at a measuring position and designed in accordance with PN-EN ISO 5801:2008.

The materials, their grades and thicknesses are selected in a way ensuring their longest possible failure-free operation time. The company does not have a policy of lowering prices at the expense of quality of the manufactured fans in the standard product range.

Ports on the suction and discharge sides of the fans can be made free of charge, for the diameters submitted by the customer.

As a standard, NETECS uses any paint in the RAL palette, with the use of polyurethane paints. The thickness of the primer is 80 microns and the lacquer coat is 80 microns.

All the fans have in-built IE3 motors as standard, with an IP55 protection rating.

All the fan rotors are balanced according to the G6.3 accuracy class.

Every fan is tested with regard to vibration, in accordance with ISO 14694:2003, and they do not exceed the value of 2.8 mm/s. The production measurement of each fan is included in its documentation.

In order to address the expectations of its customers, NETECS also manufactures fans outside its product range, by designing fans to suit the parameters (pressure and performance) required by the customer. We also modernise our current products with regard to the individual expectations of our customers, and also provide assistance in selecting fans (by means of consulting aimed at the selection of appropriate fans for the system).

NETECS also provides balancing services for steel rotors with diameters of up to 1200 mm and weights of up to 200 kg.





Ciśnienie całkowite [Pa]

Total pressure [Pa]

Wydajność [m3/s]

Capacity [m3/s]


A sample specification of a centrifugal fan.