An out-feeder is a device intended for installation in cylindrical or cuboid containers used to unload silos of the collected production waste in the form of dust or wood shavings.

Technical details:

  • Silo diameter: 3[m] ≤D ≤6,7[m],
  • Volumetric capacity: 4[m3/h] ≤V ≤12[m3/h],
  • Installed power: 1,1[kW] ≤N ≤4[kW].

All technical and structural details of the presented products can be adjusted by upgrading them according to the individual expectations of the clients.

Examples of our projects:

WF silo out-feeder
WS-S silo out-feeder
WS-SL silo out-feeder
WS-K silo out-feeder