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Since founding NETECS in 2005, we have been strongly involved in eco-development through eco-innovative metalworking services provided by means of CNC machines. Eco-innovation, meaning technological change, is currently a fundamental requirement for companies to achieve success. The rate and scope of changes in the environment indicate that there is no alternative, and the choice for any company is simple: adapt or perish.

In fact, the application of eco-innovation at our company has become one way we could prove that we care for the environment and society, as we are all aware of the threats to the environment and choose not to ignore them. Change is also necessary in order to remain in the market.

The key to our company’s success was to seek the necessary technological changes and to follow them, investing over PLN 4 million over the past five years. These are the experiences that can be used as a basis for those entrepreneurs deciding to invest in eco-development by applying eco-innovative devices in their manufacturing processes. For the metal industry environment, eco-innovative solutions mean economic growth plus a clean environment, which lead to mutual benefits.

For NETECS, eco-development with eco-innovative devices in the production process is not just limited to new products, but also includes appropriate processes that provide value for the customer and at the same time significantly lowering the negative impact on the environment.

Eco-innovations and eco-development at NETECS include new manufacturing processes:

  1. laser cutting for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets,

  2. bending on a press brake,

  3. turret press punching of galvanised steel,

  4. balancing of fan rotors,

  5. welding of steel structures,

  6. manufacturing of high-efficiency fans,

  7. manufacturing of custom screw conveyors, as well as
    chamber locks and silo discharge scrapers,

  8. new business and management methods, such as production management systems like ERP proalpha, SOLID EDGE Premium, and AutoCad, the implementation of which favours the protection of the environment, as well as reducing the threats to the same and reducing the negative impact of the consumption of raw materials.

Eco-development for companies in the metal industry primarily means a new philosophy for global, regional and local development, contrary to economic growth perceived in narrow terms. The basis for eco-development is the assumption that improvement of the environment, or at least preventing its deterioration, is one of the most important factors conditioning economic development.

Fulfilling these purposes can be made through limiting the impact of dust, noise and waste products, including the impact of the manufacturing processes on the environment. All of this together forms a demanding and difficult task for every facility. This is why at NETECS we created a concept of investment in eco-innovative processing services.

In an age of increasing demands for companies, there is always the issue of the changes that need to be made, not only in how they compete, but also in how they function. The awareness of the nature of these progressing technological changes, innovative in broad terms, and especially their depletion of natural resources, requires implementation of the concept of sustainable eco-development.

In the metalworking industry it is important to continuously take actions related to environmental competition, following the process of implementing sustainable eco-development, defined by scientists as the concept of environmental competition. This means adaptation of the enterprise to the market conditions in terms of the pro-environmental behaviours of the involved entities, both producers and consumers, and benefiting from the actions taken in favour of the natural environment.

We believe at our company that, in an intensively changing world, it is no longer sufficient to just offer products: we should also offer solutions concerning sustainable eco-development. This is why, as a company, we primarily aim to satisfy our customers, so that rather than place our product in the foreground, we discover what the customer expects, and then to adapt our product so that it meets their expectations.

This is why we develop comprehensive technological solutions concerning metal processing for important branches of industry. Our motto
for these actions is: flexible and future-oriented solutions, optimal for the customers and safe for their employees.

NETECS is developed by a team of people who are creative and open to cooperation, currently numbering around 48. It provides optimal solutions for customers and cares for their full satisfaction. The company is developing dynamically as a result of eco-innovations and it has won numerous awards, such as the 2012 and 2013 Forbes Diamond and the 2011 Leopard of Business. It also took the lead among the companies of the Opole region in the 2014 Gazelle of Business ranking. In 2016 the company was distinguished with the Opole Quality Award, and in 2017 it won the 14th Edition of the Opole Quality Award Competition.

Each award brings us much pleasure, but it also serves to confirm that we have chosen the right strategy for development, and it is not an objective in itself. Our strategy of development focuses on 3 basic questions: on which planes and in which areas are we going to be operating in 2-5 years’ time? What are our positive differences and in what areas are we better or more competitive? What might be the long-term basis for success of NETECS in the face of different challenges and fluctuations in the market? This is why we focus on new lines of industry, to which we can offer our CNC metalworking services.

The company is also active socially and locally, in the gmina and the powiat of Olesno, by means of implementing projects related to concerts, competitions and sports tournaments with selected institutions and associations. In this way NETECS is actively engaging in the life of the local community, implementing the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) guidelines on cooperation with the local social environment. This gives us enormous satisfaction and has positive influence on the development of children and youth.

The benefits for the company primarily include promotion of the company
in the local social environment, based on cooperation, reliability and trust. By engaging in local initiatives we are perceived as a good partner and attractive employer for future employees from this region, and it is important to think about the future and development of the company.

Our plans currently focus on cooperation with the Institute of Thermal Machinery related to new solutions and vocational schools, as well as the Opole and Częstochowa Universities of Technology related to vocational practice. We can offer very specific types of practical work to these young people, get them in touch with the state-of-the-art technology, and allow them to participate in projects, so they can learn as much as possible and to see what equipment is currently used in the world of work. Some of these people may soon be employed in our CNC department or our design department.

Our development plans for this year include the construction of an assembly room with an R&D department, enabling us to develop and increase employment.









Awards and distinctions for NETECS

Opole Quality Award Distinction
The Opole Quality Award 2017
The Pearl of Olesno Poviat certificate
The Pearl of Olesno Poviat
The Silver Laurel of Skills and Competence