Transport fans

Transport fans are intended to pump mixtures of air and solid fractions. They are successfully used in installations where pneumatic transport is necessary for mixtures with a density of the solid fraction of up to 300 g/m3, but also over 500 g/m3, but in the latter cases NETECS recommends prior consultations.

Transport fans are adapted for the transport of air and particle mixtures so that the transported material does not to adhere to the rotor in a way that disturbs the operation of the fan. The design of the fan differs depending on the material it is intended to transport, in order to maximise the efficiencies. This can be as high as 76% for some models.

The pneumatic transport of a mixture of air and solid fractions is often an individual issue, especially if the solid bodies tend to “wrap around”. In these cases a consultation is recommended concerning the transport of particular materials, in order to optimise the choice of a fan with the best possible efficiency.


Most of the transport fans have unshrouded rotors, in which the rotor blades are fixed on one side, and unbound on the other. However, some rotors, due to their dimensions, have a shield to act as a reinforcement for the blades (‘shrouded’ rotors). In these cases the blades are fixed on one side and supported on the other.

The types of transport fans offered by NETECS can be divided according to many criteria.

For example, division with regard to the construction of the rotor and the materials suitable for transport can be presented in the following way:

  • with unshrouded rotors and blades bent backwards

    • type: TS-EN, L-EN

       (materials: dust, shavings, chips, short abatements)

  • with unshrouded rotors and blades bent backwards

    • type: TS-RN, L-RN

       (materials: dust, shavings,

  • with unshrouded rotors and blades bent forwards

    • type: L, K, S VM/SF

       (materials: dust, shavings, chips, short abatements)

  • with unshrouded rotors and straight blades

    • type: S

       (materials: dust, shavings, chips, short abatements, wood fibres and abatements)


All the transport fans are designed as vertical fans, with a classic construction, and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Examples of our projects:

Fan L-RN 110kW - 1
Fan L-RN 110kW - 2
Fan L-RN 110kW - 3
Fan L-RN 110kW - 4
Fan type K - 1
Fan type K - 2
Fan type K - 3